University of West Georgia to speak about Georgia’s only Public Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

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University of West Georgia offers Go West
Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship

The University of West Georgia is the first, and only, public university in Georgia offering a Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship. Katie Taylor, the Assistant Director of Transfer admissions, who will be speaking at our Fall 2014 Regionals, was eager to tell us more about why UWG chose to support Phi Theta Kappa, and why our students should choose to “Go West.”

Tell us a little bit about the University of West Georgia? What makes you a great fit for Phi Theta Kappa students?

The University of West Georgia is an ever-growing, diverse university. We exceeded _TEP5786_030512,000 enrolled students this fall semester, including students from 44 states and 75 countries. We offer 645 sprawling acres to accommodate our growing student population since we are one of the few colleges in the state that has seen continuous growth over the past few years. There are 93 programs of study from the bachelors to doctoral level, including concentrations, so there is something from which to choose for everyone.

We were very excited to hear that the University of West Georgia had created a Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship. What prompted that decision?

Phi Theta Kappa got in touch with us and said that a student had told them they wished UWG had a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship. We hadn’t considered it before, but once we realized that there wasn’t another public university in Georgia that offered a Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship, only private colleges, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to serve our prospective students, and offer the scholarship they were looking for!

Tell us more about the scholarship. What are the criteria to be eligible?

melsonThe recipient must be a US resident, have earned an associate’s degree, and hold a 3.5 GPA or higher based on admissions calculations—which includes transferable coursework only. Students are also required to submit a resume, essay, and letter of reference from their Phi Theta Kappa advisor at the time they apply for the scholarship. And it’s important to know that it’s a stackable award, which means you can use it with other scholarships!

Okay, time for the big question: how much is the scholarship worth?

Our current 2014-2015 in-state tuition is $2,549 per semester (based on 15 hour enrollment) + $929 in mandatory fees per semester. Housing and meal plans are additional, if the scholarship recipient opts to live in an on-campus residency hall. Based upon the two-semester, 15 hour enrollment tuition and mandatory fees totaling $6,956*, the scholarship would cover $4,000—split as $2,000 per semester.

*This is the 2014-2015 tuition and mandatory fees, which are effective through Summer 2015; therefore, tuition costs could change effective Fall 2015, when the scholarship is available.

That’s a fantastic scholarship! How do students indicate they are interested in the Phi Theta Kappa transfer scholarship when they apply for admittance?

First, apply for admittance to UWG. Once accepted, Phi Theta Kappa students can apply online for the scholarship at, through our Scholarship Portal. The fall semester deadline is February 1st. Those selected as scholarship nominees will be invited to our Scholarship Day for the interview process, held on President’s Day, which will be February 16, 2015.

Anything else that our students should know about their scholarship opportunities with UWG?

We offer a variety of incoming student scholarships, including a general Transfer Foundation Scholarship. Transfer students are also eligible to apply for General Student Scholarships, via Financial Aid ( Those Current Student Scholarship applications are due by March 1st each year.


Phi Theta Kappa students love to be involved on their campuses and in their communities. Do you have any four-year honors organizations on campus?

We have over 150 different student organizations, including honors, Greek, government, major specific organizations, religious organizations, political groups, and so on. There’s something for everyone.

Is there anything else you think our students would be interested in?

Something that makes UWG very special is that we were the first (and for a while, the Intramural 0168only) Honors College in the state of Georgia. Even now, only one other school in the state has an honors college. Transfer students are welcome to apply. If you’re a member, your class size is capped at 16, and you’ll have many opportunities for undergraduate research. Some of our students travel across the country presenting their research at conferences. If you complete a certain number of honors courses you’ll graduate with an Honors Diploma, in addition to the diploma for your major. More information on the Honors College and their admission requirements (separate from General Admissions) can be found at

Where should our students go online to apply?

Incoming Student Scholarships:
General Student Scholarships:

Huge thanks from the Georgia Region to Katie Taylor and all of the rest of the transfer staff at the University of West Georgia.