Georgia Southern Scholarships for Phi Theta Kappans


Associate Director of Admissions Neal Richardson is willing to bet that Phi Theta Kappans are exactly the sorts of transfer students Georgia Southern University wants to attract–and the university is putting money on it.

Richardson says that when he worked at other institutions, he experienced the Phi Theta Kappa difference:

“We had an alumni chapter at the previous university where I worked, and what we found is that the Phi Theta Kappa students transferred to our campus, and then said, ‘What’s next? I’m ready to make a difference!’ At one point we had five former chapter presidents working together in our alumni chapter, and when you put that kind of energy and dedication in one place, great things happen.”

Richardson is looking forward to making great things happen at Georgia Southern, which has recently implemented a transfer scholarship for Phi Theta Kappans. Renewable for two years, the scholarship will be awarded to applicants who best fit the ideals of a true Phi Theta Kappan, and show dedication to the four Hallmarks of Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Fellowship.

Richardson said, “We’re really looking for well-rounded applicants and we’re taking a holistic approach to awarding these scholarships. Yes, we love to see 4.0 GPAs, but we also want to see an emphasis on service and leadership. We’re looking for great students who are also great people.”

Georgia Southern has more in store for Phi Theta Kappans than just scholarships, as there are plans underway for an on-campus alumni chapter, and the university currently has an active chapter of Tau Sigma, the honors fraternity for transfer students.


When asked what prospective transfer students needed to do to apply for the scholarship, Richardson said that the process was easy. “What we need you to do is apply for admittance, and at the same time, fill out and submit the transfer scholarship application. The deadline for the scholarship application is May 1st, so students who are interested should move quickly so we can consider them for scholarships. We’d like as many people in the running as possible!”

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