Award Winning Projects

HiA Award

Beta Beta Tau Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa,
Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Honors in Action: Issue One-It’s All in Your Mind: Foundations of Competition/Competition and Psychology

Honors in Action Project:  The Peer (Attitude) Trap – Bullying

We have all heard stories about how parents try to provide an unfair advantage for their children in a variety of areas (education, athletics, the arts, etc.). This project brings the problem of “cheating parents” to the forefront by investigating the foundations of competition and calls for increased awareness and implementation of remedies to this problem. What we did was look at how bullying has impacted children, as well as adults in the home, workplace and school. We researched the emotional and physical impact of bullying and the resources available to bring awareness to this problem and solutions.

Our team looked as not just the psychological effects but the social effects of bullying as well. We divided our research into three areas, school, family, and workplace. With the collaboration of the instructors of our Social Sciences Division, we presented a panel discussion on bullying, offered resources and handouts to our campus life and the community. Bullying

Distinguished HiA

Beta Beta Tau Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, Atlanta Metropolitan State College

The Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award recognized the top chapters whose entries demonstrated excellence in academic research, leadership roles, service learning and collaboration.

Beta Beta Tau’s Honor in Action team kept the HiA rubrics to the forefront as we developed our topic. Where we were asked for 8-10 resources in total, we set a goal for 8-10 for each phase of our research, which included websites, books, journals and databases. Each phase of our study topic had a different leader. We developed and included the following as part of our study topic.

Leadership Development:

  • Workshop by Social Sciences faculty on survey/interview techniques
  • Seminar on public presentation/discussion moderation techniques by Speech/Communications professor
  • Workshop by Academic/Library faculty on research methods and citation
  • Project Management videos in Competitive Edge

Leadership Roles:

  • Developing a chapter research team
  • Serving as panel discussion moderator(s)
  • Recruiting and coordinating the presenters
  • Publicity and public relations for the event
  • Event planning


  • Education, Social Sciences, Librarians, professors and other educators in my community
  • Professional organizations in my community
  • Education/academic clubs/organizations on AMSC campus
  • Parent/teacher organizations in the community
  • Phi Theta Kappa members during chapter meetings about organizing several informational anti-bullying displays on campus

Our chapter may have developed the study topic, but we were all inclusive in the delivery of it, so the benefit was not just campus-wide but community-wide.

Distinguished Chapter

The Distinguished Chapter Award recognizes chapters that submit Hallmark entries in both the Honors in Action Project and the College Project. The average of the two scores determines the top 10 percent of the overall ranking of all chapters.

These scores are determined by an independent panel of judges, both in the region and internationally. You must make sure that you look at the rubrics and determine if you have achieved the highest points possible for each project. Before we submitted our Hallmark entries, we review our entries and had others not associated with the chapter review them and rank them according to the rubric points. This gave us an opportunity to tweet and/or improve on what we had. Diversity and going beyond what is expected makes good submissions.

Tips and Suggestions

Continue to develop opportunities not just within the chapter but outside the chapter. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your members. Allow every member an opportunity to develop and learn leadership skills by delegation. Set small short-term goals that everyone can develop. Encourage members and non-members to complete the Leadership Study program through Facebook. And for members to complete the Five-Star Competitive Edge program. Make sure that your chapter is well rounded in activities that promote service, leadership, fellowship, and scholarship.

Photos and Written Summary Submitted by Janet Walker, Regional Officer of Chapter Relations.